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Who We Are

Ben & Jacie Miller

Photo Credit: Chasing Fireflies Photography

We are Ben and Jacie Miller and we are so glad you stopped by to check out our venue! This dream of ours started many years ago and after a lot of hard work, sweat, tears and long days, we are thrilled to open up our beautiful barn for others to enjoy. We love getting to know each couple as they plan and prepare for their special day and do our best to help in any way possible. We have helped caterers bring in food, held bouquets in a crunch, and rearranged things for a photographer to snap a perfect shot. We are thrilled with the fact that you are considering booking your event with us. Whether it is your wedding and reception, a graduation party, retirement, class reunion, business meeting, baby shower or another special event, we want your experience to be amazing. We are typically on site for the entire event and available to answer any questions!

A Little History about Parham Road Barn

The Parham Road Barn was built around 1930 by Ray B. Parham after the previous barn was consumed by a fire. The barn was brought in on the Lakeshore & Michigan Southern Railroad that was 1/4 mile south of the barn site, and constructed by local workers during the Great Depression when jobs were scarce.

Mr. Parham's Pedigree Stock Farm produced many prized Holstein & Jersey bulls, Blue Andalusian Chickens and White Swine over the years. His enormous Percheron horses - Prince and Duke were his pride and joy that could pull anything they were hooked up to.

The barn was known as one of the largest in the county at the time. People came from all over to see Old Man Parham pull 2 teams of horses into the barn and turn around without touching each other. This was quite an impressive accomplishment back in the day.

Turning our beautiful barn into a venue has been a dream of ours for many years. It has been amazing to watch the transformation that has taken place making the barn what it is today. Many other barns of this age and style have fallen into disrepair and eventually collapsed, something we did not want to let happen to ours! We are beyond excited to see The Parham Road Barn have another chance at life and to share it with you!